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bright stars

dominique delice designs extraordinary handbags that every woman wants to wear as a fashion accessory. These creations reflect the romantic, feminine and elegant look of a woman. The products win your heart with their design and classic elegance. They compliment the wearer's sophistication, her everyday independence and allow her to shine in its lights.

His love for design and creativity made the founder of dominique delice develop a classical handbag with fascinating integrated internal lights. Every opening greets you with a ready view of its contents and the lighting resembling a bright starry sky turns this into a truly unique experience.

founder dominique delice


primary goal

Designing handbags to harmonise aesthetically with modern technology is our main objective. A background in engineering & economy combined with a fascination for design have made this vision ever clearer and more attainable.




With ongoing support from our dedicated suppliers, those first prototypes turned into further optimised versions and finally made his vision come true and can guarantee the discerning clientele both lasting quality and classic elegance.

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